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Dorstener Italia
Sig. Marco Mariani

Fon:  +39 366 9913939


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We can supply

Wire for production of mesh & fence

1,2mm – 8mm; max. 800g/m² Zinc

Wire for cable armouring

0,15mm – 8mm,

max. tensile 2.160 N/mm², max. 825 g/m² Zinc

Baling wire

1,8mm – 4mm

Patented steel wire

1,5mm - 6mm, galvanized & phosphated,

wire rope, hose wire, spring wire

0,20mm – 6mm diameters

Stainless steel wires

Wire for producing other applications like detonator wires, vineyard wire, oval wire, barbed wire and others, requirements to be specified

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